Thursday, November 5, 2009


So my good friend Holly said that she DID want to see pictures and that she DOES read, she just can't comment from her phone.

So here's some pictures!

This was dinner last night - an Arnold's Sandwich thin with Spicy Three Pepper hummus, melted mild cheddar, black forest ham, and portabella mushrooms, radishes, carrots, Wheat Thins Fiber selects, and....

Soup! Healthy Choice Country Vegetable to be precise.

All washed down with a class of cranberry pomegrante juice

Breakfast this morning was a good ol' standby - cereal!

Sorry the photo is so dark! I am definitely not a photographer. This was Barbara's Bakery brand Shredded Oats (vanilla and almond flavor) with a banana and some raspberries and a sprinkle of Splenda for good measure.

There probably won't be pictures of lunch since I'm eating out and I don't want to be known as "The Weird Girl Who Takes Pictures of Her Food" - especially since I live in a town of less than 1,000 people!

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  1. Guess what? I couldn't read at work today so I'm reading at home! Yay for commenting! Your sandwich looks yummy! Love those sandwich thins.