Wednesday, November 4, 2009


So all that stuff that I said was going to happen yesterday? So did not happen. I feel like a failure. A failure at tracking what I eat, a failure at taking pictures of what I eat, a failure at trying to be more active. I have SO many great plans for myself but they never happen. Why? Why am I not making myself and my health a priority? Why am I saying "It's okay, I'll just have *insert junk food here* for dinner," instead of cooking myself (and Mike when he's home) a healthy nutritious meal? I really admire those people who seem to have it all together. They are amazing at their jobs, then come home and cook amazing food and exercise, and keep their house neat.

I used to think that putting this stuff in writing would keep me accountable, but it's not. Because no one is reading this (or at least, if they are, they aren't leaving comments) so I'm just putting it out there for WHOEVER to read. I have zero accountability. My husband loves me just the way I am, so he's not pushing for me to lose this weight, even though I'm not healthy right now.

I feel like I need a kick in the pants or this is never going to happen.

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