Wednesday, January 13, 2010

So far not so good

Things have been rocky for me. Giving up soda is MUCH harder than I remembered. But being more active is definitely happening. I had my own little dance party on Monday night and both Monday and Tuesday I've been helping my office mate move her office upstairs with me so that was definitely lots of strength work! I didn't get to do yoga last night as I was stuck doing laundry until well after 11pm. However, yoga should definitely be happening after my meeting tonight.

What am I hoping to get out of yoga? Well - I'm hoping that it will strengthen my core muscles as well as my lower back to help alleviate my hip problems. After the dancing and the moving my hip and knee hurt VERY bad last night. I'm hoping that I can improve my muscle tone enough to eliminate the pain and be able to start walking/running regularly. There's a 5k in my town every May and I'd really like to participate this year.

Hopefully I'll still be able to move in the morning after yoga!

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